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ThinkUI Data Generator is designed for Testers and Java developers who need to generate high quality test data for regression testing, load/stress testing, as well as unit testing. You can generate just a few hundred records for unit testing or tens of millions of records for load and stress testing. The generated test data can vary with each invocation or can be configured to be repeatable (by specifying a random seed value).

Summary of Features

  • Support any Java™ 1.4 or higher platform (tested on Windows® 2000/XP, Linux™, and Mac OS® X)
  • Support for selected databases using JDBC 2.0 and any database using JDBC 3.0
  • Support for all Java primitive types such as Date, String, Integer, Boolean, etc.
  • Support for generating data and saving the results to files (as CSV or SQL INSERT statements)
  • Support for generating data and inserting the results directly to a specified database
  • Support for parent-child relationship via the "child" element and use of special generators such as ParentValueGenerator and InheritValueGenerator
  • Support for generating data based on an SQL query that can be static or change dynamically (i.e. query can be dependent on generated parent or child data)
  • Support for generating a single value or multiple values at a time (when selecting multiple values, the actual value can be access via the "[]" index operator e.g. ${OBJECT_NAME.ATTR_NAME[INDEX_ATTR_NAME]})
  • Support for customized attribute generator (i.e. for application specific data)
  • Support for customized data object writer (i.e. for using the generated data as input for other purposes)
  • More...

Download the ThinkUI Data Generator and follow the instructions found in the README.TXT file. For information on the list of changes in this release, please refer to the Release Notes. You will need a Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4 or later, Apache Ant version 1.7 or later, as well as the required JDBC drivers for your databases.


Product Description Version Download
ThinkUI Data Generator
(Community Edition)
Custom data generation tool for testers and Java developers. 1.0.2
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