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Database Client Tool and Custom Code Generator

The ThinkUI SQL Client allows Java™ developers to browse a database structure, edit table data, issue SQL queries, and generate code based on customizable templates. The tool provides a low barrier to entry for Java developers to apply code generation to their daily work by keeping things simple. Users who are already familiar with the Apache Velocity template engine will be able to customize the provided templates to quickly generate Java beans, Data Access Objects, SQL queries, JSP files, ... etc.

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Code generation is driven primarily by database meta data. Since raw database meta data may not be sufficient in some cases, the tool allows user to augment the meta data that was imported into the local embedded Derby database. For advanced users, a custom Doclet can be used to import meta data from existing Java code. Users can even directly access the embedded Derby database (or use the provided DAOs) to query the meta data to implement custom code generators.

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ThinkUI SQL Client
ThinkUI SQL Client
ThinkUI SQL Client

Custom Data Generator

The ThinkUI Data Generator provides an Ant based tool for quickly generating custom data for testing purposes. The data generated can be customized by providing the appropriate statistics as well developing custom generators and/or data writers.

The data generator tool is designed with three main goals:

  • Allows a database schema to be quickly populated with a large amount of data.
  • Supports the ability to customize the data as required to match the application data profile.
  • Flexible enough to allows for non-database centric use such as unit testing, web service testing, etc.
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ThinkUI Data Generator
ThinkUI Data Generator


Product Description Version Download
ThinkUI SQL Client
(Community Edition)
SQL query and code generation tool for Java developers. 1.1.3
ThinkUI Data Generator
(Community Edition)
Custom data generation tool for testers and Java developers. 1.0.2
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